The fastest way is of course by plain.
On Crete there are 2 airports, Iraklio and Chania.

During the season (april - early november) you can fly almost from everywhere directly (Charter). In wintertime you have to take scheduled flights via Athens/Thessaloniki.

Iraklio is the nearest airport to Messara. You have to go about 1 hour by car to any place in the Messara, from Chania about 3 hours. Taxis from the airport Iraklio are about 55 Euros, from Chania accordingly more.

There are quite good bus connections from both airports.
That´s of course not so expensive, it may take a little more time and the busses are not available 24 hours a day.

The best thing is to order a hiredcar.
There is airport service at no charge from all serious car rental companies.

Of course the slowest way is by ship.
But it might be quite nice and lot of a little adventure, depends on the weather and other things.

From Italy (Tirest, Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi,...) you ship with your car or bike or campingbus or whatever to the greek main. Then by car or bus to Athens/Pireas and again by boat to Iraklio or Chania.

There different ship lines: Minoan, Anek, Superfast Ferries, ...

You also can go by car via Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia - „Autoput“.
They are saying it is more safe now and the roads are better than in former years.